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Reading Badminton Association

Welcome to the Reading Badminton Association website where you'll find up to date match results and tables as well as player statistics and maps to venues.

This season our league consists of 15 member clubs, competing in three mixed, one ladies and four mens divisions at various venues in and around Reading. We welcome any club whose venue is within 10 miles of Reading.

Score Cards to download and print

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We are affiliated to Berkshire County Badminton Association and Badminton England.


President VACANCY
Chairperson VACANCY
Association Secretary Mr Craig Jamieson
League Secretary Mr Mark Laybourne
Treasurer Mr Praveen Gorur

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10/56 ladies matches played
16/86 mixed matches played
40/184 mens matches played
66/326 matches played




Next Matches

Mixed Premier
Silver Fox B v Hawley A
20:00 @ Woodford Park Leisure Centre
Mens 3
Mitford Smashers A v Oasis B
20:00 @ Ryeish Green Sports Hub
Mixed 2
Rangers v Chiltern B
20:00 @ Ryeish Green Sports Hub
Mens 2
Cotswold A v Oasis A
20:00 @ Cotswold Sports Centre
Mens 2
Three of Clubs v Rivermead
20:10 @ The Holt School
Mens 1
British Rail A v British Rail B
20:10 @ Crosfields School